53′ Drop Deck Tri-Axle Trailer Available 7-14-2022


7-14-2022 I have a trailer that’s become available, it is a 53′ (47.25″) 3 axle drop deck. It is show below. I have most of the rest of the year full for orders already coupled with issues getting parts and supplies so if you are interested in this one email me at darnat3@gmail.com I can answer any questions.

The price is $1335.00 plus shipping. I can get you a shipping quote when you email me with your zipcode. Thanks!!

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53′ Tri-Axle Drop Deck is sold 7-14-22

Thank you for all the responses, they were much appreciated! I had many offers to purchase almost immediately. Thank you to everyone who inquired about it!

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Super B-Train For Sale SOLD 6-20-20


SOLD 6-20-20

This is a Super B-Train that I made a few years ago. My father purchased it to display in his store but now he is selling out due to age etc. It has never been played with or used.  The price is $1650 plus shipping. The overall length is 58″ long. Aluminum tool boxes, aluminum wheels, Led lights switched on/off from trailer.  If you are interested or have questions you can email me at darnat3@gmail.com. Thanks, Darwin





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I just completed this 53ft drop deck beavertail tri-axle trailer today. This is only the second  beavertail I have built, the first one was 3 1/2 years ago. They are just much more time consuming, so not sure when the next one will be, maybe another 3 years lol!

Here is a link to the page with all the pictures.   https://customrctrailers.com/new-53-beaver-tail-drop-deck-tri-axle-w-ramps/

It is available for sale. Email me with questions, if you send me your zipcode I can get a price with shipping.

Thank you,



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Freightliner pulling 53′ flat deck spread axle

This is a 53ft flat deck spread axle trailer I just completed, 1-30-19,  and shipped to my customer, John Nanartowicz, who has it hooked to his gorgeous Freightliner tractor. He just sent me these pictures. Beautiful rig!



And a few more

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48 Spread Axle Flat Deck for Sale!



Happy Thanksgiving Weekend everyone!

I am posting a trailer for sale that I just finished today, and the customer it was intended for actually wanted a different length and I forgot and made it a 48ft, So, this is one of  the first, if not the first, where I have posted a trailer for sale on here that is ready to go right away.

I also have added to this trailer one a dunnage tray for your dunnage lumber, which is the first one of these I have built, and I also added some lights in front of the axle.

Trailer has aluminum wheels, aluminum tool boxes with opening doors, aluminum support legs, dunnage tray, led lights with battery box and switch between frame rails, measures 42 7/8″ long and 7.55″ wide.

Email me at darnat2@gmail.com if interested,  give me your shipping zipcode and I will get you a price with shipping. Trailer price is $985.00 plus shipping.

Thank you!

Trailer is 42 7/8″ long and 7.55″ wide.

Dunnage Tray with lumber


Axle lights

Aluminum tool boxes with opening doors on each side

Aluminum Wheels and aluminum support legs

Ready to go!

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Realistic wheels for trailers

It seems like it is hard to find realistic aluminum trailer wheels that look like Alcoa wheels. Has anyone found wheels that look like Alcoa wheels with baby moon hub caps, that don’t cost a fortune?

Whenever I do find wheels for my trailers that I like they always get discontinued it seems.

I have been making my own baby moon hubcaps by grinding down stock hub caps and polishing them but I would rather just be able to buy them. Below are two wheels with low profile tires on them which I use for my drop decks. The one on the left would be good if I could get baby moon hub caps on it and lug nuts. The one on the right is a wheel where I make the hub caps.


Wish I could find wheels and hub caps like these below, that weren’t 65.00 per set.


What have any of you found that are similar and are in production and reasonably priced?

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Just finished these 53′ drop decks with the new style rear lights

Just finished these twin 53′ drop decks with the newer style rear lights and bumpers, stacked them on the 53′ quad axle. One of them is going to Australia, the other one to Indiana. Anyone want to guess how much UPS shipping is to Australia??    $760.00 just for UPS!!


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New 53′ Flatbed Quad Axle w/Steering Lift Axle

Just completed this 53′ flatbed quad axle with rear self steering lift axle, check out the page on it if you like. There is a link in the menu.





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New 53′ Drop Deck BeaverTail Spread Axle Design

Hi Guys,

I appreciate all your interest you have shown in my trailers, and I sure appreciate all my customers who have purchased my trailers!

I just finished a new trailer design and my one last trailer before I quit building for the foreseeable future. I had wanted to build a beavertail since no one has one, at least not like this. I will be moving to a new state next month so this trailer may be my last for quite awhile or for good.

This trailer is the first one I have built with the new black anodized aluminum support legs. Much better than the plastic ones, wish they had had these earlier. Trailer is all aluminum, the only thing not aluminum is the tires and light lenses. This is one of my favorite trailers so far.

Hope you guys like it, I will sell it if someone is interested. You can email me at darnat2@gmail.com and we can get a price for you.

Here is a link to the page for the Beavertail trailer



Thanks a lot,


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