My Customer’s Comments

I want to add a page here and post some of the comments my customer’s email to me after they receive their trailers.They are always awesome, and since they go to the trouble of letting me know how much they appreciate my work, I want to post them here.  I should have done this a long time ago but better late than never.  I have appreciated all my customers awesome comments through the years very much!


Received 2-9-19, from John regarding his new 53′ flat deck spread axle trailer he just got. 

Hi Darwin, 

Thanks for the shout. Yes, I received the trailer and it is perfect. I wanted to send you an email earlier, but I wanted to get some photos of it first with the Freightliner. I’ve attached them for you to see how she looks with the battery installed and running. Feel free to add them to your marketing page….

John Nanartowicz III


Received from Greg Parrish 12-10-2018 on his 2nd trailer, a 53′ drop deck tri-axle

Hello Darwin, received trailer this afternoon and I must say, absolutely gorgeous!! 
Another rolling piece of art!! I must say once again, the attention to the detail is off the chain! 
I’ll keep in touch for possibly another trailer. Take care and thanks once again for all your hard work!!!


Received 7-13-2018 from Greg Parrish in Mesa, AZ who just received his 48′ tri-axle flat deck, and today ordered another trailer, a 53ft drop deck tri-axle.

Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 4:32 PM, Gregory Parrish wrote:

Hello Darwin, received trailer yesterday and must I say what a work of art!!! Everything is so meticulously done. WOW!! Can’t wait to place another order. Your work is beyond any and all of the the others products being sold. My wife is so impressed as well. Thanks for everything and then some!!!!
Thank you Greg, much appreciated!!
Received 7-2-2018 from Jim Stokes in New Jersey who received his 53ft drop deck tri-axle 

Darwin, Chris Stokes here…Jim would have written you personally but he is still awestruck with the beauty of his trailer. He just keeps walking around the table admiring it. It arrived a few minutes ago and we very carefully unpacked it. Thank you for doing such a good job to protect your outstanding work. The trailer exceeds Jim’s expectations and they were pretty high to begin with. Now once he gets his tractor finished and gets to hook the two together, we will send you a picture.

From a woman’s perspective, if in the future, we needed to  wipe off fingerprints, what would you recommend? Jim may never let our grandson touch his new piece, but I just want to be prepared.
Chris Stokes
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Thank you Jim and Chris!