Just finished these 53′ drop decks with the new style rear lights

Just finished these twin 53′ drop decks with the newer style rear lights and bumpers, stacked them on the 53′ quad axle. One of them is going to Australia, the other one to Indiana. Anyone want to guess how much UPS shipping is to Australia??    $760.00 just for UPS!!


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7 Responses to Just finished these 53′ drop decks with the new style rear lights

  1. Clint says:

    Your trailers are stellar! What’s the price tag on your quad trailers? Is the booster a servo operated booster?

    • Darwin says:

      Thank you Clint! I will send you an email.

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Clint, thank you!! I only made this one quad axle with the rear axle a steerable lift. Yes the axle is raised and lowered via a servo controlled by a battery and switch and circuit board located in the side tool boxes. I don’t plan on making any more of this trailer as it was too time intensive. I haven’t really tried to sell this one yet as I like looking at it since it is the only one in existence 🙂 I will send you an email also. Thanks again, Darwin

  2. Pete Dunn says:

    Darwin, do you have one left? I have been trying to buy one for years.

  3. Terry Lovell says:

    That price for freight is ridiculous? Terry

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    • Darwin says:

      Yes very! I told him before we even started that i knew from past quotes it would be cost prohibitive to ship to Australia. But he wanted to go ahead and now he will have the first trailer in Australia. I have had many people want one from Australia but the shipping is just insane.

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