48 Spread Axle Flat Deck for Sale!



Happy Thanksgiving Weekend everyone!

I am posting a trailer for sale that I just finished today, and the customer it was intended for actually wanted a different length and I forgot and made it a 48ft, So, this is one of  the first, if not the first, where I have posted a trailer for sale on here that is ready to go right away.

I also have added to this trailer one a dunnage tray for your dunnage lumber, which is the first one of these I have built, and I also added some lights in front of the axle.

Trailer has aluminum wheels, aluminum tool boxes with opening doors, aluminum support legs, dunnage tray, led lights with battery box and switch between frame rails, measures 42 7/8″ long and 7.55″ wide.

Email me at darnat2@gmail.com if interested,  give me your shipping zipcode and I will get you a price with shipping. Trailer price is $985.00 plus shipping.

Thank you!

Trailer is 42 7/8″ long and 7.55″ wide.

Dunnage Tray with lumber


Axle lights

Aluminum tool boxes with opening doors on each side

Aluminum Wheels and aluminum support legs

Ready to go!

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Love trucks and anything associated with them!
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6 Responses to 48 Spread Axle Flat Deck for Sale!

  1. oracle2066 says:

    Hi Darwin
    zip 11206


  2. oracle2066 says:

    Hi Darwin,

    Sending zip code for shipping for the 48′ Flatbed.

    Thanks, Rubin.

  3. gary hudson says:

    Nice trailer

    Get Outlook for iOS


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