53′ Drop Deck Tri-Axle

CoastWay 53′ Drop Deck Trailer

  53′ X 102″ scaled Tri- Axle drop deck trailer  . This trailer is 47.25″ long. Featuring aluminum construction and spring air bag simulated suspension, just like the rest of my trailers.  

Side mounted aluminum tool boxes with drop down doors and LED lighting finish out this big boy


The two pictures above are shown with optional new style rear lights


The pictures below are older and the current trailers have been updated to include hubcaps and 2 red lights on the side in the rear instead of a yellow and a red. The pictures above are current.


A strong drop neck area to handle to big loads.



Tool boxes on both sides give for lots of storage


Wood nail strips on deck


53′ with a 48′ drop deck stacked on it


Heavy Duty Undercarriage and suspension




Just finished this trio of trailers, 2 of them are 53′ tri axle drop decks and the other on is a 48′ flat deck with winches. 

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Contact me at darnat2@gmail.com if interested in ordering a trailer like one of these or to get pricing.




91 Responses to 53′ Drop Deck Tri-Axle

  1. John says:

    Nice trailers. I’m sure many of us modellers would be interested so why not do is all a favour and just publish your prices with each model rather than keep it a secret?

    • Darwin says:

      The main reason is prices are always changing due to the cost of supplies, aluminum, wheels etc. What is a good price today might not be in a month. Thanks

  2. Rusty miller says:

    Can you lease a tri axle stepdeck
    Can you email pricing availability and location

  3. Kulvir Gill says:


    Can you email me pricing 53′ tri axle drop?
    Thank you,

  4. Keith Kroschel says:

    Hello sir,
    I was curious to know the prices of your 48′ drop deck spread axle, and you’re 53′ beaver tail drop deck . I just finished my 1st truck and I will need a need a trailer for it now, Your work is absolutely beautiful and I’m interested in purchasing one of your trailers for my truck thank you and I hope to hear from you soon

  5. George Meyer says:

    Amazing quality and detail, my son is obsessed with anything RC semi, his biological father is a truck driver so…. could you send us a price list for your step deck style stuff? Appreciated, and good work.

  6. Boyer Alain says:

    Hello ,
    can you give me the price for trailer drop deck tri axle
    Thank you

  7. Steve says:

    Great looking trailers! Can you please give me the price for the 53’ drop deck triaxle?

  8. Randell Redmon says:

    Amazing products can’t wait to get a price 53 what’s the tri-axle drop deck

  9. Jim Deater says:

    Interested in purchasing thanks

    • Darwin says:

      Thanks! I sent you an email.

    • Good afternoon Jim my name is Cornelius Yates from Lancaster California USA I am interested of buying all three of your trailers I am looking for a 53 by 102 three-axle Flight Deck a step deck for my 1/14 scale Peterbilt conventional show truck contact information 661-365-5067 email contact information is cayates71@gmail.com shipment address is 41136 174th Street East Lancaster California 93535 USA🇺🇲🇮🇱

  10. Tristan Berry says:

    Hey Darwin. I was wondering if you could make me a completely custom trailer (trailers). If you made a 53 Drop deck tri axle, then made a second trailer with the deck the same height as the drop on the first, and rigged them together somehow, (I don’t mind how,), that would be great. And if you could send me a price, that would be amazing. If you can’t do that, I would just have a 53′ drop deck. Thank you, Tristan.

  11. Richard Rafter says:

    Nice work, wondering if the super B is available. Nobody makes one and I’ve been looking for awhile.

    • Darwin says:

      There is the one you see, it was purchased by my father to display in his antique store, it has never been used, just sat on a shelf, he is 86 and closing his store now so that trailer will be available. It is the only one made and the only one I know anywhere. I don’t plan on making more of them due to the amount of time it takes. Thank you, Darwin

  12. Jason Kelly says:

    I’m interested in a 53’ spread axle, straight flatbed. No third axle.

  13. Philip Victor says:

    Hi darwin. I am interested in prices on the 53′ drop deck with some extra lights down the sides. And same for the dove tail with ramps

  14. JAMES JORDAN says:

    Interested in a 48′ or 53′ drop deck spread axle with tool boxes and new style rear panel and DOT bumper. Also 4-7 extra amber marker lights on the side, how ever many you have to add to make evenly spaced apart. And build time est.

  15. Todd McCarter says:

    What is the total price for a double axle 48′ flat bed instead of tri axle? Thanks Todd

  16. Anthony Morrell says:

    Hi there, absolutely love your work, works of art! Could you please send me pricing on this trailer and also weather or not you can do quad/lift axle? Can you post to Melbourne, Australia? Thanks in advance, Anthony.

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Anthony, The shipping is the problem, USPS Priority doesn’t go to your area and UPS is $835.00 just for shipping, I have shipped one trailer to your area and customer paid $750 shipping. Thank you though for inquiring!

  17. Jesse blackmore says:

    Hi Darwin
    How much and availability on the 53inch drop deck trailer tri axle
    This exact one with the optional lights? https://tamiyacustomtrailers.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/pict0008.jpg

  18. Alex Newsome says:

    How much for the 53′ drop deck tri axle trailer with tool boxes?

  19. Mike says:

    Could you send me pricing on a 53′ triple axle dropdeck and a 48′ triple axle dropdeck? Thank you.

  20. Garry says:

    How much is the 53 drop deck triple-axel, shipped to Gold Coast?

  21. Eddie Lunsford says:

    Are you producing and selling these? Is so, could you tell me the price? And do you make double/triple axle dollies to go with these trailers?

  22. Bud collar says:

    Please quote me cost and delivery time on the 53ft drop deck tri axel

  23. kevin says:

    Love the 53 foot. Could i get a price?

  24. Antony Mallin says:

    Hi Darwin, fantastic trailers that you make they are amazing. Workmanship is perfect. You must really love what you do. Could I get a price on one of your 53′ drop deck tri axle trailers please. My big boy who’s 8 has been saving for 2 years and has finally brought himself a grand hauler which I built up for him and I think one of your works of art would be the perfect finishing touches to his pride and joy. His birthday is in June so I would love to have something by then. Thanks very much Tony.

  25. harry says:

    Hi. 53″ drop deck tri axle how much to build one for me thanks harry

  26. nathan says:

    I would like to be put on the list once you start building these beautiful trailers again.

  27. Brandon says:

    Hello Darwin you have amazing building skills! Your trailers are simply beautiful. Can you please send me prices for the 53′ drop deck tri-axle trailer ? Thank you

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Brandon, I appreciate the kind comments! I will send you an email. I am taking a break from trailer building once I finish my current orders, I am moving out of state and will resume building this Fall.
      Thanks, Darwin

  28. Alan Davis says:

    Hi darwin im alan im just wondering if you can send me the prices for the 53″ drop deck trailer and also the super b train

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Alan,

      Appreciate the interest! The Super B was a one off build, not planning on building any more of those. I sent you an email on the 53′ drop deck.

      Thanks, Darwin

  29. Pete Dunn says:

    Just checking in. I sent you some photos of the custom enclosure for the top, not sure if you are interested in a turn key fab or selling a base trailer. Either way I am still very interested in getting one as soon as possible.

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Pete, I did spend some time working on a rolling tarp system , I fabbed it up on a stock Tamiya flat bed just to see how it would work. It could be done but I guess I will have to decline the enclosure part of it due to not enough time to experiment. I am sending you an email on the base trailer part of it. Thanks, Darwin

  30. Susan says:

    Hello I would like to order one of your trailers for my truck. Can you please get in contact with me.

  31. Jim Kennedy says:

    I have a custom Tri-Axle Pete with a Tri-Axle lowboy and just found this page , I am super interested in one of your 53 foot drop decks , if you could email me details, I would like to also send you a photo of my rig


  32. Pete says:


    I hope that you had a good summer, I had inquired about buying a triple axle drop deck back in January and you had said that you were taking time off from building for awhile. Now that the summer is almost over are your order books open again? I don’t mean to pester you but my company has its own small trucking fleet and we want one of your models as a display for trade shows. I have looked all over the internet and no other model even comes close, and we don’t want to settle for a second rate display.

  33. jormong miles says:

    I personally like the top one I like all of the LEDs on the bottom one but the top looks more real

  34. Danni says:

    Darwin, your work is so meticulous I am absolutely blown away! Talk about attention to detail. It looks like you’ve been taking some time to catch up, how long is your waiting list looking at this point? Regardless, please put me on as I am an avid collector and will hopefully have saved up by the time you’re ready 🙂 True artistry. Thank you for your work! Please send an email with any updates/ info and keep up the awesome work!!

  35. mark says:

    I have a few questions, Will you be making the 53′ drop deck to sell? and if so would you send out the framerails so they could be colormatched to my trucks paintjob?

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Mark, I have actually made a couple more like this one for customers. I am currently not building as I have been busy on other projects. I can order paint that matches your truck if you know what color it is exactly. Is it a automotive color? I use automotive base coat and clear coat. Thanks, Darwin

  36. mark says:

    I love the 53′ triaxle. It looks like you are not building these to sell? If you do let me know!

  37. Allen Lopez says:

    Dear sir I would like to purchase one f your 1/14 Custom Aluminum Flatbed Trailers, 53′ tri axle so if you can inform me how to get in touch with you and learn more about your prices, thanks.

  38. Scott Ross says:

    Darwin, I would select the rear tail light style with the lights right across the back. That is a customized look and sharpe.
    Thanks Scott

    • Darwin says:

      Thanks Scott, I like that one also. I want to build a Super-B train set with those lights on the pup. I will build a Super-B hopefully in the next 3-4 months months (once I get caught up :). It looks like it will be around 57″ over all length for both the lead and pup trailers, should be interesting.

  39. Scott Ross says:

    Darwin, These are unreal. I love the 53 drop. I am a big collector of heavy haulage. Reading your blogs you said that you will be sticking to the drop decks and flat beds. Do you have information on different sites that make lowboys.
    But I do want to be on your list for a 53′ drop trailer. So when ever you have one, just send me an email.
    Thank you

  40. Ken says:

    I just came across your site today and am very impressed! If you decide to build some drop deck tri-axle trailers, I’d certainly like to be on the customer list. Also, if you decide to do a lo-boy, let me know.
    How are your prices Set?? Should I start saving my “food stamps”? 🙂

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the praise! I will for sure keep you in mind and I may very well do a couple more tri-axle drop decks next year. As far as my prices being set, no they aren’t set, they can always go up! 🙂 Yes, start saving your “food stamps” lol. Thanks again, and check back with me in Feb. or March. Have a great December!

  41. Darren Hunter says:

    Thanks, Please do.

  42. Darren Hunter says:


    Nice looking trailers, I would interested in the 53′ drop deck tri axle with the light confirguration of the first picture. if you ever get round to building more.

  43. Floyd Gibbons says:

    Thanks Darwin

  44. Yes Darwin, add my name to the list for a tandem step deck, also with storage boxes between the axles. Here is another thought, i used to run out through the Pacific northwest in the 80′ & 99’s, and there was a trailer manufacturer in Spokane , Alloy Trailers. they made an outside rail flat that i thought was cool, i think Western made one as well later, do you know what i mean and any thoughts

    • Darwin says:

      I will add your name to the list Floyd. Sure I know what you mean, in fact most of the hay haulers around here use outside rail trailers. Western Trailers still makes new outside rail trailers. All of the trailers I was around in the early 70’s were outside rails. Maybe I will make one someday.

  45. Hello Darwin, just found your site, great work. Have you ever considered building a nice detach lowboy, i am sure there would be guys wanting one. I think i will start with putting my name on a tandem step deck . Regards, Floyd

    • Darwin says:

      Thanks Floyd! Well as far as the detachable lowboys, there are several builders who make nice lowboys already, so I think I will stay with the flatbeds as that is where the market was lacking. No one was making a realistic looking flatbed and drop deck trailer. So you do want me to put your name on the list? I will be happy to, your looking at early January since we have been in the middle of moving to a new place and getting settled, and with the holidays coming on. Thanks again Floyd!

  46. Cory says:

    If your going for the realism i think the first one has more detail then the 2nd one just because you see them on the real roads. But you dont see show trailers to often ,but when you do they look wicked like that one. Man the tri axle is off the hook! great job!! Wish my check book was deeper for a Tamiya Cascadia and another trailer!

    • Darwin says:

      Thanks for the compliment!I designed the tri-axle and the back end of it off the Western Trailers. They use that style rear light panel and DOT bumpers. They also usually have the painted frame rails, you can see where some of my ideas came from if you look here. http://www.westerntrailer.com/Elite-Flatbed.aspx

      p.s. You can always go a little deeper in the check book when it is for necessities like Tamiya and 1/14 trucking equipment!! Lol

  47. Anthony says:

    Hi when will you know the price of the new tri-axle drop deck ? and how long to build one ?

    • Darwin says:

      Well right now I need to complete the 48′ drop deck and flat deck trailer orders I currently have, I am behind on those. I won’t be building anymore of the tri-axle 53′ drop decks right now. If you just had to have one, I could sell you this one I built for myself, I can email you the details if you like. Thanks, Darwin

  48. Darwin says:

    Someone emailed me to ask the what the color of this paint I used is called. It is from a 2008 Porsche 911 called Macadamia Metallic.

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