48′ Drop Deck Spread Axle Trailer

Introducing the new line of CoastWay trailers! The new 48′ drop deck spread axle all aluminum flatbed trailer. They also come with aluminum tool boxes between axles as shown.



 LED lighting all around, air ride suspension



Measuring 43.25″ long, this trailer is ready for work!



Tool boxes will also be available for the straight decks as well.




 The underside has just as much attention to detail as the top side


My trailers now have a name, CoastWay Trailers.  They are much more labor intensive than the flat deck trailers, but the end result is worth it.

Email me for pricing and shipping costs, there is a wait as I have orders pending always a couple of months in advance. I take deposits to hold your place in the building queue.


Prices had to go up a bit as aluminum prices have risen 35% since my last order, along with all the other parts

51 Responses to 48′ Drop Deck Spread Axle Trailer

  1. Mesa Jr says:

    Wondering if you make 1/32
    Scale drop deck spread axle traler ?and if so can you shoot me a price ,Thanks
    Your trailers look great 👍

  2. Kenny says:

    Interested in flat deck and drop deck 53 spread shoot me some prices

  3. Danny haggerty says:

    Hi, could I please get a price on the 48 drop deck spread? Thank you

  4. Gary Dean says:

    Where did all of these guys find 1/14 scale trucks?

  5. Dusty hicks says:

    These are amazing so cool I’m interested in a 48′ drop deck spread axle please email me with price

  6. Luciano Collazo says:

    I am interested how much and price for shipping to kissimmee Fl 34744

  7. Leo says:

    Interested in a 48′ drop deck what kid of money and time frame?

  8. Angel Vizcarra says:

    Hey there bud I would like to place an order .
    On a 48 drop deck spread axle

  9. Walter says:

    Darwin W : Stepdeck Recieved AWESOME U Knock it out of the ballpark. Would U consider doing a dump trailer 40/102 72′ sides spread with bows for tarp no boxes and telescopic hoist for next year servo needed, again Thanks Walter

  10. Walter Hardaway says:

    Hello Awesome craftmanship requesting price for 48′ drop deck with boxes deposit amt to be put own liist

  11. Alejandro Gomez says:

    Hi there

    Interested in one of your trailers

    Can you please contact me


  12. Wilfred Keefe says:

    Great looking trailers, could there be more additional chicken lights added to the trailer, as well as multiple side boxes, along with side trailer pockets for stack sides and hooks for tarp roping or mini bunges. Plus the lightening, could that be wired into a plug to connect to a tractors lightening system for options of just park lights, turn signals, and brake lights?

  13. troy points says:

    what would the price of a drop deck be w/all options

  14. Chris Silver says:

    How soon would a 48′ drop deck take to build?

  15. David Schweickart says:

    I would like to order the 48′ drop
    With everything.

  16. troy points says:

    how far out is a drop deck spread axle right now/ price of trailer with all options

  17. Paul Sherwin says:

    Hi,I be interested in a 48 drop bed trailer with the tool boxes and light option.How do you want this paid? Credit cards, PayPal and etc? Paul

  18. Boyd Butler says:

    Am in the need of aluminum wheels for my semi tractor, do you sell those or who would you recommend buying from? Several types out there would love a set of 56509 Tamiya ones but they are no longer made. Thanks and by the way sometime later will be ordering a drop deck from you.

  19. Darwin says:

    Yes, the stock Tamiya flatbed is not at all to scale for modern flatbeds. Mine are scale to 48′ and 53′ flatbeds like are on the road today. Thanks

    • Boyd Butler says:

      Well did it, ordered them from okey100C off of ebay and the service was great. Full tracking start to finish. Service was 3 weeks and the rims with brake drums were great items. Am going to order 12 axle sets of the duels, three axle sets of steer axle rims from them. Also got an aluminum Lesu fifth wheel setup with mount from Korea it took a little longer about 4 weeks but all went well. The Pete radiator cover took a little longer but emailed them, got answers, questioned after date came and went the answer came back within an hour found out they were in LA headed north also. Just thought could be others on here that it might benefit from my experience. Boyd

  20. Boyd Butler says:

    I see that you are in Seattle area, can these be picked up or at a show? Thanks

    • Darwin says:


      Yes, you could pick up these up in person, if I have some available, but there is usually a wait list. No, I haven’t been to any shows, I can barely keep up now with real life always interfering! Thanks for the interest, I appreciate it.

      • Boyt Butler says:

        Thank you very much. What is the deal with Tamiya hitch you mentioned? Will your trailers go directly onto the tractors or does one have to modify the plate on the tractor? Thanks.

      • Darwin says:

        Hi, not sure what you mean on the hitch? Yes, my trailers fit right on the tractors stock 5th wheel. I mentioned that the stock Tamiya trailers sit too high over the fifth wheel because they have that thick auto decoupler mechanism on them. Thanks

  21. Michael Brown says:

    I was really interested in the spread axle trailer and I’m ready to pay just wanted to get so custom touches on it like single hump fenders on all the trailer wheels and more lights thank u I look forward to hearing from u and I emailed u yesterday idk which one u check thanks awesome work to

  22. Randall Wolfe says:

    Beautiful Workmanship You can build me a drop deck just like yours although I would like a few more lights entered between the lights you have on yours.
    Thanks for showing me.
    Randy Wolfe

    • Darwin says:

      I appreciate the compliment! I can do that, it will be awhile before I can get started, I have a several trailers waiting to be built once I am settled into my new place in early November. But absolutely, we can build what you want, more lights should be no problem. I will be contacting you shortly via email. I appreciate your past business and look forward to new business with you!

  23. Anthony says:

    I would like to order the tri axle dropdeck with the old light bar and tool boxes

  24. Anthony says:

    Hi How can I order one of your trailers ?

    • Darwin says:

      Hi, you can let me know what you want and I can put you on the list I have of orders. I will build you one in order of when I received it. I have a little bit of a back up right now. Probably 45 days out. Thanks

  25. Cory says:

    Just received my drop deck trailer. Its put together top notch and its heavy duty. Very nice finish and detail. The l.e.ds are very bright and spaced perfect. Ive compared it to my Modified tamiya flat bed which is stretched and lit up and doesnt even come close to being in scale or detail of a real trailer like my Coastway drop deck. Shipping was perfect and payment was easy. If my wife let me i would order a spread axle. Well worth the money for whats out there and ive had alot of trailers but none like this. Thanx again

  26. Darwin says:

    I wanted to provide some information on scale since I just had a prospective customer ask why my trailers are the length they are compared to Garden Trucking flatbeds at 35″ long. First Garden Trucking trailers are scaled after Wedico’s 1/16th scale. So they do not scale correctly to Tamiya trucks. My trailers are scaled on 1/13.5 which is the true scale Tamiya is at. Actually it is 1/13.47, I just rounded it up to 1/13.5.

    How do we know this? Well we know a U.S. tractor/truck measures 96″ wide. We also know Tamiya trucks measure 7.125″ wide, so divide 96″ by 7.125″ which equals 1/13.5. Now almost all trailers on the road today are 48(576″)long x 102″ wide. So 576 divided by 13.5 = 42.6″ long and 102″ divided by 13.5″ = 7.55″ wide. My trailers are right at 42.6″ x 7.55″ wide, which is correct scale for a 1:1 trailer which you see on the road today.

    My prospective customer asked if I could build a flatbed that was 35″ long, I declined because I want my trailers to be as close to scale as I can get so they look right behind the Tamiya trucks. Again Garden Trucking trailers are scaled for Wedico at 1/16 scale. Cheers!, Darwin

  27. Neil says:

    how do I get to purchase one of these trailers /

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