53′ Flatbed Quad Lift Axle

I am not currently building the Quad lift axle trailer at this time. 7-5-2018

Finally built a trailer I have been wanting to for awhile now. It is a 53ft Quad axle flatbed with a self steering lift axle in the rear. The rear lift axle uses a servo with a control box and switch allowing it to raise and lower without a receiver or radio needed. The on/off switch on the servo battery allows  to not drain when in lifted position.

The circuit board controls the speed of movement as well as travel limits. The trailer is also wired so that it can be hooked to the receiver on the truck and the radio can control the lift axle if desired. The retract switch would work great I would think. There is a pigtail on the front of the trailer that you can attach a servo wire to and connect to your trucks receiver, when in this configuration the control box and trailer servo battery would not be in use.

I will post a video shortly of the rear axle lifting and lowering, it moves in scale speed, the circuit board can adjust speed of lift.

Trailer is 47.25″ long.

The battery and on/off switch for the servo is in the larger toolbox and the switch for raising and lowering the axle is in the front smaller box.

Trailer also has rain/spray guards over the 3 axles



Control box and circuit board and switch for the lift axle



Picture above shows both boxes open and the battery and on off switch for the servo.

The battery box for the lights are between frame rails


Support legs are black anodized aluminum

The right side tool box is empty

Axle is lowered position

I can’t show too much detail on the lift axle because there is a guy on Ebay selling a knock-off of my suspensions. He or someone else copied them almost to a tee. They were of one of my older designs from 2012-13.   I emailed him but he never responded. I am not going to give him a chance to copy and sell my design of the lift axle also. It is 100% my design and would like to keep it that way. It is self steering and self centering, when lifted spring tension keeps the axles straight.

15 Responses to 53′ Flatbed Quad Lift Axle

  1. Lisandro Clara-Fernandez says:

    Hello I will like to buy one 53-foot Quad Axle step deck but I will like to discuss some options in order to make fit to my ram 5500 chassis, thanks.

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Lisandro, I really appreciate your interest however I am not taking custom orders at this time due to amount of trailers currently on order, time isn’t permitting. Thanks. Darwin

  2. Michael Lassila says:

    I am interested in the 53-foot Quad Axle flatbed if you could let me know when you produce these again….

  3. robert t towles says:

    please send me an email to let me know how much your works of art are and what you have available at this time.thank you bob towles

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Robert! Thank you for that although I wouldn’t go quite that far calling them works of art, lol! I will send you an email. Thanks!

  4. Jonathan shepard says:

    How much shipped to va area code 23112? What else do you have already made and ready to ship and how much?

  5. Northern Farmer says:

    Looks great! 👍

  6. Darwin says:

    Just completed this 53ft Quad Axle with servo controlled rear self steering lift axle.

    • Mike says:

      From where we can get these trailer ,and for how much

      • Darwin says:

        I am sending you an email, but there is only this one I have currently, I will not be making any more of these, it will be the only one. I haven’t really tried to sell it yet because I like looking at it! 🙂


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