Super B flat bed trailer is completed

I managed to finish up the Super B flat bed trailers. I put up some pictures on the page which you can view here. Turned out well, by far the largest of all the trailers I have built, and the most time consuming!


Check out the pictures here

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2 Responses to Super B flat bed trailer is completed

  1. Yahoo says:

    The trailer looks great! Got a question for you, your Peterbuilt, where did you get?

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    • Darwin says:

      Hello and thank you! I built it, took a King Hauler, cut off the front fenders and moved them forward and down and into the correct shape, extended the hood so it sits flush with the bumper. Cut off the sleeper and put on an aluminum Wedico one. Added a passenger door kick window, lengthened the frame and removed the stock headlights.I also moved the front axle forward to sit correctly under the now correct front fenders(or almost correct)

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