New 53′ Drop Deck BeaverTail Spread Axle Design

Hi Guys,

I appreciate all your interest you have shown in my trailers, and I sure appreciate all my customers who have purchased my trailers!

I just finished a new trailer design and my one last trailer before I quit building for the foreseeable future. I had wanted to build a beavertail since no one has one, at least not like this. I will be moving to a new state next month so this trailer may be my last for quite awhile or for good.

This trailer is the first one I have built with the new black anodized aluminum support legs. Much better than the plastic ones, wish they had had these earlier. Trailer is all aluminum, the only thing not aluminum is the tires and light lenses. This is one of my favorite trailers so far.

Hope you guys like it, I will sell it if someone is interested. You can email me at and we can get a price for you.

Here is a link to the page for the Beavertail trailer


Thanks a lot,


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Love trucks and anything associated with them!
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2 Responses to New 53′ Drop Deck BeaverTail Spread Axle Design

  1. Brandon says:

    Wow that sold quick! Hope it’s not your last build you have some serious building skills! That trailer is simply beautiful…all the best with the move!

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