Super B Train

Just finished the lead trailer of a Super B train.  Will be working on the pup trailer shortly to finish out this heavy haul trailer set. It will be scaled to a 32′ lead with a 28′ pup. You can see a picture of it by clicking on the menu tab for it.

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Love trucks and anything associated with them!
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5 Responses to Super B Train

  1. robert towles says:

    beautiful,when are they availible and whats the cost.thank you

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Robert,
      I will not be building anymore B-trains, they are quite time consuming. I will stay with the drop decks and flat decks. I am building a 53′ drop deck beavertail with ramps now, hadn’t built one of those yet. Coming out great so far.

      Thanks, Darwin

  2. Trevor Jackson says:

    HI Team, I would like to place a order for a Super B, Can you forward a price and freight to New Zealand. Also a prox delivery time ,
    Thanks, Trevor

  3. cory wimbley says:

    Hi Darwin great job on the b train keep up the good work. I hope u getting closer on starting on me a trailer cant wait to have one of your trailers.

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