Spread Axle 48′ x 102″



Spread Axle Flatbed Trailer Specs

Material: Constructed out of 6061 aluminum

Frame:  1/8″ thick aluminum angle with aluminum
angle cross members.

Suspension:  Trailing arm design with spring air bags.
Each wheels has an independently turning 5mm axle,
mounted in aluminum and brass axle tubes, with pressed in bearings

Lighting: LED lighting with hidden wiring including aluminum
7.2v battery box. 6 LED’s on each side, 2 LED’s in front of trailer,
and 4 small LED marker lights and 6 large tail lights in rear. Battery and all wiring is enclosed and hidden from view.
Total of of 24 LED lights on trailer.

Note: Trailer lighting is independent from truck so regardless of what your truck has, the trailer will still have marker and tail lights, with no connection to the truck.

Deck: Aluminum decking with wood nail strips.

Landing Gear:  Black anodized aluminum support legs

Tool Boxes: Boxes are constructed of all aluminum with drop down doors on piano style hinges.

Dimensions: 42.80″ in length and 7.55″  in width

Also available in 53ft length (47.25″ long)

Weight:  12.75 lbs

Aluminum wheels

Rubber mud flaps on all wheels. 

DOT aluminum bumper

DOT Safety tape on sides and rear

High quality metric hardware.


Note: There will be a wait time for these trailers, usually 4-10 weeks. Email me for pricing and shipping cost.




46 Responses to Spread Axle 48′ x 102″

  1. K Clark says:

    Awesome work, two questions. Can you do a 48 spread stainless refer? And can you please send me price info. Thanks and happy holidays!

  2. Timothy Powell says:

    Would like the price

  3. Eric macdonald says:

    48!” Trailer how long to build and how much please?

  4. Les newell says:

    I was inquiring what a 48ft spread axle cost an how long it takes to get one? Thanks les

  5. Patrick says:

    Interested in a 53’ spread axle. Could you email me pricing?

  6. Francisco Matos says:

    Looking to getting pricing on the 48′ flatbed spread axle.

  7. Manny says:

    Interested in a 53’ spread axle. Could you email me pricing?

  8. Nicole says:

    Can you email me a price for a 48 spread with tool boxes in between the axel? Does it come assembled?

  9. Juan Garza says:

    How much for 53ft length spread axle flatbed

  10. Tom says:

    Could you give me price on 48’ spread axle with boxes please? These trailers look amazing!! Great work!!

  11. Erik Miller says:

    I’ll be building my first rig soon, didn’t like the length on the trailer offered by Tamiya. Could you possibly email me a price on this spread axle flat bed in 53’ please? Thank you!

  12. Hi Darwin, I agree with you on the comments made about the trailers currently offered by other manufacturers. You do tremendous work on your trailers. I’ve just started in the RC big rig world and wanted to know if you give me a price on the above trailer in the 53′ realm. Also is it similar to a BST II flatbed? Thanks for your consideration.

  13. BYRON HELZER says:

    Price for a 48ft spread axle flatbed with lights and toolboxes between the spreads

  14. Jeron says:

    How much for a 48 x 102 trailer and can I buy extra lights from you

  15. Cory eilek says:

    Looking to buy the 48′ spread axle with tool boxes and little up..

  16. Bill M. says:

    I was curious if you would be interested in selling just the spread flat trailer with the deck. I think that it would be perfect for a custom reefer build. If not thats fine.

  17. Gerald says:

    Amazing work. I was wondering if you could build me a version with tandems at the back instead of a spread? I’m building a scale version of my truck and my full size has tandems at the back with the side boxes in front. If not then I understand. Thank you and amazing work.

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Gerald,

      Thanks you very much!! What makes it nice with this style of suspension system, is they are easy to place where you want them, you could have a closed tandem and then at a later time you could remove a couple of screws and slide it forward into a spread axle configuration, and swap the tool boxes also. I sent you an email.

  18. David wilson says:

    Just saw your trailers they are the best looking trailers I’ve seen , I just ordered a knight hauler and I have been looking at trailers for quite some time my favorite is the low boy but u don’t make one of those(wish u did) but anyway I like the spread axle heavy haul please reply I know you are busy but would like to have a talk with you….thanks

  19. Carlos Z says:

    Today I received my trailer here in Mexico, the truth that I am very satisfied with my purchase, very good quality, just like a real trailer, 100% recommended. Thanks Darwin

  20. Randall Wolfe says:

    Ok you twisted my arm, I’ll take a Step deck and a Flatbed! No Hurry just email me when you get them ready and I’ll pay the fare and wait for the freight!

    • Darwin says:

      Your planning on doing some serious trucking! Great, I will be glad to get you set up. It will be a ways into the future, I have several trailers waiting to be built once I get settled into the new place in early November. But we will discuss via email exactly what you want, options etc. Thanks Randy!!

  21. cory eilek says:

    Darwin I emailed you back some time about a trailer and was wondering if im still inline for one of your trailers. I wouldwant the 48ft drop spread completed with aluminum rims and l.e.ds

  22. Cedric Wesley says:

    Hi Sir talk to u few months ago about a trailer get ready next month do u have some ready & how much for drop decks thanks

  23. Jason Staples says:

    I was wondering if you would be interested in making a scaled Manac 53′ Expandable Step Deck trailer?my email has not been working correctly so if this would interest you please contact me at . I was also wondering if you would be interested in building a Great Dane 48′ Stainless Steel Spread Axle? I hope to hear from you soon

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Jason,

      Yes, the expandable step deck would be an awesome trailer to build. However, I have a number of people who are wanting the spread axle now, so I better keep working on those, and not start anything new. Same goes with the Great Dane, would love one myself but I need to dedicate my time in building my spread axles since people have been so patient. or impatient, whatever the case may be. I appreciate the offer though!! Thanks, Darwin

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