1/14 Scale CoastWay Aluminum Trailers

1/14 Scale Custom Aluminum Flatbed Trailers

I designed my own line of flatbed trailers called CoastWay,  to fit Tamiya’s 1/14 scale trucks, such as the Grand Hauler, King Hauler and Knight Hauler. The main reason was because I didn’t like what was currently available on the market, most of them were not to the correct scale.

I have designed these trailers from the axles up, including the axles and airbag system. I designed my own DOT bumpers and frames as well. The only thing on these trailers not designed by me are the wheels and support legs.

One of my goals was to have these trailers look scale in their appearance, which was hard to find with the stock Tamiya trailers currently available.
This meant the correct height between the underside of the trailer and the
tractor tires, and the correct lengths and widths etc. 

This gorgeous Kenworth W990 pulling one of my 53′ triaxle drop decks owned by Timothy Nicolau out of California.  He took delivery of this trailer Nov. 2022.  Beautiful rig! I am jealous of that Kenworth!

Kenworth 990-001

Here is the gorgeous rig owned by Ryan Blake of southern Idaho. I just finished another 53ft drop deck for him in APRIL 2020, and what an amazing setup he has!!

This is a 53ft flat deck spread axle trailer I just completed, 1-30-19,  and shipped to my customer, John Nanartowicz, who has it hooked to his gorgeous Freightliner tractor. He just sent me these pictures. Beautiful rig!

Just finished a 53ft drop deck tri-axle in May 2018 for Ryan Blake in southern Idaho, here is the trailer behind his beautiful truck!

Just finished a couple of 53′ drop decks this last week. Nov. 2017.  Stacked them on the 53′ quad axle and they are ready for delivery.

New 53′ Quad Axle with Self Steering Lift Axle

Check out the page on the menu for more about this Quad axle trailer

 53′ Drop Deck BeaverTail 



48′ Spread Axle flat bed


48′ drop deck Spread axle above and 53′ drop deck tri-axle below


53′ Drop Deck with a 48′ Drop Deck on top!

Below, 4 pictures of a 48′  regular flat deck with a few extra bottom lights




Heavy haul Super B Train


Many trailers currently offered on the market sit much too high,  which I didn’t like.  The reason they all sit too high is because of the automatic 5th wheel couplers attached to the 5th wheel plate.
My trailers support legs work just like the real ones do. They are manually operated which means no thick auto coupler making the trailers sit way too high. I have never operated a 1:1 flatbed semi trailer that automatically snapped the landing gear up when I backed under it in real life. They are all manually operated.

It also meant the correct width overhang for a 102″ wide trailer. Full size 1:1 trailers overhang the tractor duals by 3″ on each side. My trailers overhang a Tamiya truck’s dual wheels by .22″ on each side which is scale.

My trailers are built to 1/13.5 scale which is what 1/14th Tamiya semi tractors actually are.  I have tried to build my trailers to scale in width, height, and length, based on a full size trailer’s dimension of 48′ long and 102″ wide.

All my trailers come with led marker lights and led taillights and hidden wiring .  Wiring is completely enclosed between the the two decks along with an enclosed battery.
  The LED lights have their own 7.2 volt battery mounted in between the frame rails in an aluminum battery box with a toggle switch. This makes for a very neat and clean underside. Trailer lighting is independent of the truck, trailer will have marker and taillights regardless of what you have on your truck.
Note: Battery is not included in price.


The suspension is a modular air bag trailing arm design.  Its design also makes it easy to transform one of my trailers from a closed tandem trailer, to a spread axle, or even a triple axle trailer.
It is just a matter of taking a couple of bolts out and sliding the modular suspension to where you want it mounted, and for a tri-axle simply add another suspension module between the existing spread axle units.

Independently turning axles are housed in an  aluminum axle tube assy. with pressed in bearings and bushings

Trailers are built out of 100% aluminum, including the wheels and the black anodized aluminum support legs. The only thing not aluminum are the nail strips on the deck. All hardware is metric, low profile hex head hardware where possible.

 Under deck Aluminum tool boxes are all aluminum and feature opening drop down doors They are available in two sizes, the smaller size fits the drop decks and the larger ones are for the flat decks


Trailers come with DOT  safety tape on the sides and rear. You won’t find these trailers anywhere else as they are all my design.

48ft Trailers measure 42.80″” long and 7.55″ wide, which is based on a 1:1 trailer’s dimensions of 48′ x 102″.

53ft trailers measure 47.25″ long

Click on the menu buttons for specifications and pricing on the 53′ & 48′ spread axle or the 53′ & 48′ tri-axle trailers.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe tool boxes between the axles are a great addition to this 48′ spread axle trailer. 

 Here is a new flatbed (above) ready to be delivered to a customer. 








314 Responses to 1/14 Scale CoastWay Aluminum Trailers

  1. Todd McCarter says:

    Hello Darren , wanted to know the price for the 48′ flatbed with 2 axles side by side. No space between axles? Best regards Todd

  2. Mark stahl says:

    Hi could I get a price list on your trailers what are you asking for the white semi and drop deck trailer. Thanks…

  3. Bobby Macek says:

    Im going to plan on buying a trailer you next tax season.

  4. rick0413 says:

    Need to buy one of your trailer s 42yrs driveing retire now with 1)14 scale Tamiya truck no tralier looking for to buy flat bed 48 102 thanks

  5. Rubin says:

    Please email me your price list, Moreover will your trailers fit a Wedico Peterbilt?

    • Darwin says:

      Hello Rubin, I am not sure how well they fit a Wedico, my trailers are 1/13.5 scale which is what Tamiya is actually. So the width of my trailers are 7.55″ and they sit level with a 5th wheel height of 4″ which is what a stock Tamiya truck is. What is the outside to outside width on the rear tires? 1:1 102″ wide trailers overhang the tractor duals by about 3″ on each side, so on a Tamiya that equates to a .22″ overhang on each side which is what my trailers do. Let me know the trailer you are interested in and I will get you a price. Thanks, Darwin

  6. John Eaton says:

    Beautiful trailer, do you make a flat top in a 53’ with 3 axles tool box. would love to get on your list for a build. Let me know what’s needed to get there. Again beautiful trailers keep up the good work.

  7. Florencio says:

    what is the price for 48 aluminum trailer spread axle

  8. Paul Hein says:

    Hello there! Beautiful work on the trailers! I’m curious about the prices. Looking for a trailer and love the 48 flat top! The drop down menu seems to not work on my phone. It freezes every time I try to click it. Could you please send me some info on these? Thank you

  9. Doug says:

    Hi Darwin. I would like to order a 48′ drop deck with spread tandems, toolboxes between the axles, extra lights on the side, 5 cl, lights on the back, a chain rail to tie down equipment, and I hope there is room for 4 brake/turn lights as I want strobe lights on the inside 2

  10. Could you please get back to me as I would like to order a nice trailer please. Thank you

  11. James Woolston says:

    Hi. I’m Jim. I really want to buy a couple of your well built trailers.

  12. Jason says:

    Have any spread axle step decks

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Jason, not is stock, sorry. I have orders into July now. I never have any trailers in stock, they are always ordered into the future. Thanks

  13. Dion says:

    Hello I would like some more info on your trailers please.

  14. Mike says:

    Hi still have any 53′ drop decks ready to ship?

  15. Carmelo Aquilia says:

    Do you have any trailers in stock ready for shipment. I was looking for a last minute present.

  16. Bethany McCoy says:

    Could I get a price on the trailer with the dovetail on it ?

  17. Wes Tam says:


    Would like to get a price on a low boy triple axle and about how long it takes to build.

    Thank you, Wes

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Wes, I don’t build low boys, thank you for inquiring though, I appreciate it.


      • Steve Bridges says:


        I am interested in pricing on, and I hope I get the description correct, the 48 or 53 foot drop deck, tandem split axle with the tool boxes between the tandems. I am hopeful that I am able to afford one of your tremendously correct works of art. I have been wanting one of your trailer for several months but an 87 day hospital stay threw a wrench into the works for a while. Whether I am able to afford one of your custom trailers or not I still have to say if they are half as good looking as the pictures I do see them as a tremendous work of functional art. I am probably out of my budget range but I have to ask about pricing where I can see if I can find a way to purchase one of your trailers.

        No matter the outcome I am truly in awe of the work you are turning out.

        Best Regards,

        Steve Bridges Steve.bridges@comcast.net

        Sent from my Ford F-150


      • Darwin says:

        Thank you very much!!! Steve, I appreciate the kind comments! I will send you an email.
        Thanks, darwin

  18. Kent schofield says:

    53 drop deck beaver tail how much I like your trailers good detail

  19. Robert says:

    hey Darwin very interested in a trailer..would like a price for one of your trailers..looking at the step deck 53′ tri axle with 2 side boxes and the new style rear light panel with DOT bumper..also would you be able to add more lights down the sides of the trailers…(like a lot of lights..lol)

  20. Frank Wright says:

    I would like to have a price list when you’re dropdead 48 foot thank you

  21. David says:

    Hey. Wondering about price for 53 drop tri axle with tool boxes.also shipping cost to postal code a1n2x8 in Canada’s east side

  22. Samuel Hotham says:

    48 ft flatbed trailer with spread and two boxes between axles price and availability thank you

  23. Cody says:

    Can you email me a price sheet i would like to have one of your custom trailers

  24. Mike Raley says:

    I would love a price sheet. Excellent work sir!!

  25. Paul Serna says:

    Your work is excellent! They look spot on! Have you ever thought about doing a Conestoga trailer?

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Paul,

      I actually did make a prototype of a rolling tarp system a few years ago, made the aluminum tarp supports, track and wheels and tarp.It worked pretty good. I had it fitted onto the Tamiya flatbed to see how it would work. I was going to make a short version before I went to all the work on making it on the fullsize trailer. But that was as far as I got, put it on the shelf and there it sits. Maybe someday……

  26. John says:

    Darwin the trailers look fantastic. I’m looking for a price and availability of the 48′ split axle with the tool box. Also do you make any other trailers (53′ box)?

  27. Walter Hardaway says:

    Awsome look keep up the great work 40 Yrs 0/O look forward to doing business.

    • Darwin says:

      Thank you Walter! Wow, 40 years! Congrats!! Look forward to doing business with you, we can get you set up with the right trailer for some armchair trucking!

  28. Melissa says:

    I bought my boyfriend a grand hauler rc truck to build. Which he did and it looks awesome. Now that it is done he would like a trailer. Your trailers are so beautiful. I was wondering for the first photo how much the drop deck beaver tail is? With the lights, box. Would you be able to do one with ramps that go down? I have a little mini revo rc be so cute to drive it on it. Have the truck drive it around. Is it possible to have wood on the deck instead of metal. I like the look of wood. He said if I get it I can have it the way I want 🙂
    Thank you for you time!

  29. Doug Long says:

    Hello, I would like to get some prices for a custom flat bed trailer.
    I want to build a custom semi and flatbed trailer that replicate my dad’s truck and trailer in memory of my dad.
    I am looking for a flatbed spread axle with lights, I do not want the side boxes.
    Here’s where it gets a little confusing, his flatbed was a 42 foot 9’1″ spread axle. How close can you get to that length? What would the trailer cost me.
    Thank you

  30. Jason allen says:

    Do you build any closed tandem flatbeds? If so what the price with shipping?

  31. Gary says:

    What’s your prices on your 53 / 48 flat deck and do you build other types of trailers or just flat decks

  32. Brian says:

    hi is it possible send me your price on the B- Train and your 48″ Spread

    • Darwin says:

      I will send you an email, but as far as the Super B-train set goes, I only made one of them and my father bought it to display in his antique store. It is sitting on a shelf there. I did ask him today if he wanted to sell it because someone else was also interested in it. He said he might 🙂

      Thanks ,


  33. Joe says:

    CORRECTION on scale: Do you also build other scale flat bed trailers such as for my 1/34 scale model Military Mack Defense Pinnacle Tractor?

  34. David brock says:

    Hi , I’m interested in purchasing a complete truck and trailer. Do you build the truck as well ?


  35. Sandra says:

    What are your prices for the trailers 48′

  36. Eugene says:

    Darwin, hands down on the craftsmanship on all your trailers, the most realistic by far!
    interested on the 48 flat deck trailer, Could you email me a quote on shipping?

  37. Aaron Brochu says:

    Looking for price list for your trailers. And where did you find your peterbilt?

    • Darwin says:

      I will send you an email. The Peterbilt I modified from a Kinghauler. It has a Wedico aluminum sleeper, lengthened the hood, reshaped fenders etc.


  38. Esteban Castro says:

    Hi I’m interested on one of this trailers
    What are the starting price

  39. Steve says:

    Great looking trailers. Looks exactly like the 48′ flatbed I pulled for years. Just starting my first build on a grand hauler and will be needing a trailer in a few months. Will be ordering one then.

    • Darwin says:

      Well thank you very much Steve, I look forward to getting you fixed up with a trailer to pull behind that Grand Hauler, let me know when you are ready. Thanks again! Darwin

  40. Reggie Reed says:

    Can you plz send me a price list and a way to order

  41. Richard Doran says:

    Need info to order

  42. henry says:

    could I get a price list on your trailers

  43. henry says:

    Very nice trailers. How do I place an order and how London to it take to build one

  44. Frank L says:

    Hi I’m Frank, I’m 12 years old and have had rc in the past my first was my uncles Tamiya Hot Shot and now I want to build my first kit, a Tamiya King hauler. I love your trailers! You really cant get them anywhere else can you send me an email of all of your trailers and prices?
    Thanks – Frank

  45. Gary Hudson says:

    Saw some of your trailers at the show in Indy last weekend . Better than the pictures. When you start buidling again . Checked with you last when you were starting to move

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Gary,

      Thanks, I appreciate the kind comments! I have heard from a few people who were there and saw my trailers. Wish I could have been there. Maybe next year. I sent you an email, but I should be set back up in my new place in September sometime, and be back building late September. I have already taken some orders for October, I think some of them were at the show! Very happy everyone liked the trailers. That’s what it is all about.


  46. Edward says:

    Hello, I would like a Tri axle just the one on your site. I placed a order with you about a year ago😀. Lmk when she is ready.
    Ed from St. Louis

  47. Brian says:

    I’d also like prices on all your trailers


  48. Roger says:

    Great work, what’s your price on the drop deck 48″ spread axle trailer

    • Darwin says:

      Hi Roger,
      The price for the 48′ drop deck as pictured is 975.00 plus shipping. I will not be building anymore trailers until this Fall though. Thanks, Darwin

  49. Donavan Anderson says:

    Hey have to say great looking trailers ya got. Just love them. So I’m using my ph but don’t see a menu button to see pricing. Curious on your prices. For the 53 drop deck beaver t, or the 53 standard spread axel

  50. Levi says:

    What your prices on these trailers 48′ 53 and the superbee trailer .

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