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  1. Terence Thomas says:

    Hey Darwin, don’t know if you remember me but I bought a flatbed and a stepdeck from you at the same time bout 2 yrs ago…anyway I’m buying Tim’s red w900 posted on your page I like that tri-axle step hooked to it! How much? And what’s my wait time to order?

  2. Cory Eilek says:

    Wanting a Tri Axle flatbed. Wondering when there available. This will be my third trailer.

  3. Erik Miller says:

    Have bought a trailer before and am in need of another, are you taking orders on 53’ spread axle drop decks?

  4. Robert Kusser says:

    Looking for a trailer for my 1/14 rc semi the 53 drop deck 3 axle if you have one built. I’m sure your probably swamped like I am so I understand if none are available. Please let me know when or if anything is ready. Thanks bob kusser

  5. Mike says:

    Are you still on schedule to have some drop deck trailers available in June?

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